Hey guys I Just ordered some things for my slash xl-5. I have been in and out of this hobby like you wouldnt believe for the past 8 years. I always end up losing interest and selling most of my stuff and starting back up again. But my g/f bought me a new slash and I just ordered from hobbypartz the Leopard 3300kv brushless kit.. now I know theres mixed reviews some say its good and some say its junk but for 60 dollars im willing to try it. I have had 2 rustler vxls one I only used with nimh batteries and the next one I eventually bought lipos from ebay and wow it was the fastest electric I ever drove. But here I am right now with a bone stock slash xl5 and I want the brushless and lipo power so along with the leopard kit I bought a lipo charger and a blue lipo its a 3s 20c 4000mah I believe. It was only 23 dollars and most of the other selection on hobby partz is sold out. Im hoping the Leopard kit can last me a bit until Im willing to dump the money into another vxl system. Do any of you have good/bad experinces with the leopard kits running on lipos? And what would some suggested upgrades be to increase the durability? I hate it when me and friends are all bashing and then one little part breaks and your done for the day