Well... I charged up my battery, plugged it in and took my electric slash out in my driveway. My friend then broke a dog bone in his car, so before going into my garage, I turned off my Traxxas 2.4 transmitter so I wouldn't accidentally throttle it while searching for Allen wrenches, only to find that when I turned it off, the motor ran just a bit above off, or idle. The funny thing is though, when you initially plug the battery in, even if the transmitter is off, the motor does not do this. And the motor has just enough power to make an annoying "whining" sound, but luckily not enough power to actually move the car. I have done this a million times in the past, and it has never done this before. If there is anything you might think I am doing wrong, or anything you know of to fix this, please let me know.