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    2 Great Places to Drive Your off Roard RC Car ~ Los Angeles

    Because I live in the Santa Monica area and there are no tracks near by, I am constantly on the lookout for fun places to drive my SLASH.

    Here are two locations I think you will all enjoy. It would be great to see other RC enthusiasts out there having a good time.

    I would also like to know where you enjoy driving your RC car so please reply with your local slash bash location

    Crescent Bay Park
    2000 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA

    Very short grass similar to a well kept golf course with a 20 foot tall grass/dirt bank which stretches the length of the park and is perfect for hill climbs and jumps. There is also a cement Parking lot and of course, the beach. Use the bing satellite map to zoom in and you will see what I mean.

    Ample metered parking that is free after 6pm and on Sundays

    People love watching me driving my slash and dog owners get a kick out of seeing their pet freak out and sometimes chase my truck.

    Kenter Whoops
    1599 N Kenter Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90049-1324
    video of some of the jumps

    Hard packed dirt with RIDICULOUS jumps everywhere!!! Single track mt bike trail

    Plenty of street parking but be respectful of the neighbors

    This is a mountain bike trail for serious riders so be respectful, stay out of their way and do not damage, destroy or modify any existing jumps unless its obvious that they are not in use. The trail is 3.7 miles long so there are plenty of areas and space to claim. That said, almost all of the riders I see definitely get a kick out of seeing my truck attempt some of the doubles. BRING SPARE PARTS!!!

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    I love driving my Ruslter at the RC track once a month. It is really far away. I like to water bash, attack the skate park and BMX park.

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