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    WTB Rustler VXL misc parts: Spur Gear Cover and Motor Mount Screws

    Trying to wrap up a rebuild on a nice Rustler VXL and im needing a couple little parts/pieces so I thought I'd check here before buying new.

    Need a gear cover (spur gear) for the VXL rustler. Mine is missing and im looking to replace it. Stock is fine.

    Looking for 12mm hexes in good shape, one of mine is starting to round off. Can be stock or Traxxas hop-ups, just need to be...well...a hex

    Also need the motor mount screws. Mine are missing and its hard to keep the motor in place without screws.

    Could also use a nice rustler Traxxas body. Mine is kinda beat up and i wouldn't mind having a nice one.

    Lemme know if you can help me get this nice truck back on the road with a couple little parts.

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