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    AbSolute Stampede Rebuild Complete-Tonz of Pics

    AbSoLooT Stampede

    Hey guys, Here’s my thread for the final completion of my long restoration of my Pede. Started 5 months ago with the original thought that I was just going to make it look good to sit on a shelf in my man cave. lol (was out of the hobby for over a decade) well... after getting a body, wheels and tires, I got full blown back into the hobby. I was in awe with where it had come to after that much time. I originally picked up my Pede, in 97 than it sat aside for a good ten years until I made this move recently. Much to my amazement when I went into the hobby store after wondering if they may still have parts for it, come to find they not only do so but produce the same truck along with newer version (monster jam of course.) This is all duh to me now because of how far I have come since I started again. One of my setbacks was coming along on normal front arms, than deciding to get the Proline Protract before I went any further. Real glad I did. Handles like a dream, and first on road, and off road drives were terrific. But after 5 months, and lots of hours to make sure everything was very precise and getting to know the truck even better. She was finally completed. “Everything” besides the half shafts, and shock bodies have been replaced. I picked up CVDs but am putting them in next build instead and went with steel yolks for the Stampede. Shocks will be replaced soon with big bores, or am gonna rebuild em with alum shock bodies. That and the Castle Sidewinder will be replaced with Mamba once I get it back from Castle from replacement. And I am soon to purchase 3c Lipo to replace 7cell NiMh.

    Here is what I started with: 1997 Stampede. Built from Disassembled kit and all. Still Have the original assembly manual, and old skool decals.

    Here is Stage two. Body is stock length, Pre-Protrac, Stock tranny, Pre-Slipper, and Prior to any updated electronics.

    I got done with Suspension arms with alum cambers and turnbuckles, than got to better know the Protrac and read about it, and decided to go for it before I went any farther, and just like the rest of the build, I didn’t save anything to “ill upgrade later” Part of why it took the time it did, that and budget of course, but sure glad I did the approach the way I did. This is a good way to do so because no cutting of your posts is involved.

    Here is “most” of the parts tags. Things like Tire bags, and others are not here.. But for an idea of how many parts it takes to build a truck from basically scratch. The fact I had what I had made little difference. It allowed me to have a truck together at all times, but that is about it. lol. I now have a complete 2nd truck as this one is brand new; which is also the reason that stock parts were replaced for the equivalent as the originals will do on the 2nd Stampede.

    Velineon 3500 Brushless Motor
    Castle Sidewinder ESC/ 1/10 Mamba Max ESC
    Duratrax 7cell 4600 NiMh/ 3c Lipo SMC/SPC/Max Amps

    Proline Protrac Front Suspension Arm
    Proline Protrac Rear Suspension Arm
    Proline Protrac Front Shock Tower
    Proline Protrac Rear Shock Tower
    Proline Masher 2k Tires
    Kimbrough Servo Saver
    RC Screw Stainless Steel Kit and additional single units
    Traxxas Pro-Graphix Body (clear)
    Traxxas Fiberglass Tie-bar
    Traxxas Wheelie bar
    Traxxas Slash Bumper
    Traxxas 3941 Steel Steering drag link (2) as Turnbuckles
    Traxxas Steel Output Yolks
    Traxxas Steel Differential gear
    Traxxas Steel Idler Gear
    Traxxas Slipper clutch
    Traxxas Blue Rubber Sealed Ball Bearings (gearbox)
    Dynamite Red Rubber Sealed Ball Bearings
    Futaba 3304 Servo

    STRC Red Bulkhead
    STRC Red Bearing Carriers front/rear
    STRC Red Castor blocks
    STRC Red Shock Caps
    STRC Red Hex Adapters
    STRC Red Camber links
    STRC Red “custom” strut/battery tie links
    Racers Edge Red Washers Cap
    Racers Edge Red Washer Countersunk
    Dynamite Gold 4mm Flanged Lock Nuts
    Traxxas Red Wheelie bar wheels with Bearings

    RPM Revolver Wheels (2) Fronts
    RPM Wheelie bar mount
    RPM gear cover
    RPM Front Body mount

    Stock Equivalent/ Replacements/Add-ons:
    Traxxas Black Chassis
    Traxxas Front Skid
    Traxxas Rear Skid
    Traxxas Black Gearbox
    Traxxas Waterproof Receiver Cover
    Traxxas ESC mount
    Traxxas Rear body mount
    OFNA High Temp Diff Oil
    Updated VXL floating drive shafts,
    and more…

    Last but not least. The Final Product. I am extremely happy with the way it turned out, And since this is been along time in the making, and I am finally done and can post build complete thread, I have posted a lot of pics. IMO it turned out diff than any I have seen out there

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