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Well the electric learning curve is turning danagerous, lol I did some damage to the ESC this morning with a series connector I made and was sure was right, it stilled seemed to to work so I went to the shop and bought a real one, gave it a try and I had flames fly up striaght about 2' high, no kidding!! I unpluged it and they were gone as fast as they came, the only thing left was the stink, I guess I did more damage this morning than I thought, way less forgiveness with the electric stuff compared to Nitro, the tranny's all set and the brakes got a nice hot racing front duel disk upgrade, part of me says shelf this thing but I didn't let Nitro beat me and electric won't either. This thing will rock.
flames? dang I was hoping for you to get shocked back to your senses not charred lol. I quit electric a long time ago due to things like that. sometimes you do everything right and BAM sparks got everywhere and the truck starts to melt! When you run the truck I really really recommend you buy a small fire extiguisher and take with you. You will end up saving ALOT of cash from car fires. ESP if you like to run large battery packs with over charge and such. Less forgiving and more costly esp when they catch on fire lol. Gl with them.