so ive had my summit for about 5 months now and its been a fun truck but in mostly stock form i need more.

this project is going to be geared at making the summit more of an all purpose truck (more then it already is). something i can go fast with,"play" with on a track,go in the trails,and do some minor crawling.i want it so i can go from one place to another with out switching any parts to make it better for one place or the will be a "GO ANYWHERE" truck.

this project isnt intended to go over the top but just to refine it a bit,make it better for what i need. i have parts on the way,some here and some yet to be ordered so this will be ongoing for a bit but dont worry , i will be running the truck as the project grows. got to test rite ? i will also be including some minor mods ive already done that you can find in my summit review thread.

so with all that said, let project "GO ANYWHERE" begin !