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    New motor for Spartan.

    New member to the forum, I bought my son a Spartan for his birthday and after 3 runs the motor died. I already did the mods for the cooling system, bought a *******/Seaking 180 amp ESC and am now looking for a motor. I'm looking at the Nue Castle 1521 1577kv motor and cooling jacket from OSE. Does anyone use this motor in their boat or would the CC 1520 1600kv or Leopard 4280 1500KV be a better choice? Thanks, Jay.
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    Hey Jay, I myself have the 1520 but i don't think Castle make it any more. I did snag one on eBay for $100 and the guy said he had a few more.
    As far as the leopards there are a few guy's running the 4082 Motors and they are very pleased.
    With those 2 motors it's a matter of preference because they both have tonnes of power and run very cool. My temps have been 83-85 on the Motor and ESC. Either one you pick will be an awesome setup in your boat.

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