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    Anyone try a electric water pump for cooling?

    Being a total beginner when it comes to boats (but a 40yr fan of them), I was very surprised to find out after buying my Spartan that the water for cooling is only a static feed, ie it needs water pressure from movement. (Either that, or there's a water pump built in to the ECS and it's out).

    Which, since I've spent a large part of my life boating my "1/1 scale" boats ranging from 12' catamaran sailboats to my last, and sorely missed, 36' 671 Detroit Diesel converted WWII landing craft. ALL of them had various sized electric water pumps. But after searching for hours, I was unable to find even a passing reference on here to a electric water pump. ???

    Anyone tried it? Was it deemed to heavy? I've seen some really small pumps that couldn't weigh more than a stock battery pack: the upgrade to Lipo would make up that difference I bet. Then you would no longer have to worry about cooling, EVER, and you could rig a small servo to throw a 3 way valve that would work as a actual bilge pump to check/remove water in the hull while driving it.


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    Electronics produce heat when they do work, when the boat is working it is moving through the water.
    most of the pumps on r/c boats are on large gasoline boats coupled with a clutch system to allow them to idle. the pumps they use are based off of a perry pump system that becomes null in motion.
    An electronic pump would be an interesting concept, however it would just be another point of failure, plumbing, restriction.

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    I think it is a great idea, especially if the pump could be down-sized to the size of a walnut or smaller.

    From one engineer to the Traxxas engineering team, are you listening?

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