hey all!!! i am new to this whole thing.. i had only heard of traxxas due to the fact that they are supposed to be visiting my deployed location to do a demo for the troops and let us drive the cars.. and i am to construct a track for them. after searching the main site i came across the traxxas ken block car and i was like MUST ******* HAVE!!!!!!!! so no my issue is every time i search the site i don't find the right out of the box ready to play.. i am trying to find it and buy it. i have been following ken block for a little while now and saw his gymkhana videos countless times. i gotta get this RC car.. someone give me a hand in navigating and finding the correct link that won't send me to a, "cannot find request" page.. the link i always run into always sends me to the buytraxxas page and it ens up saying cant find request or something like that