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    Help with Summit and Dx3r

    Hi there,

    Hoping I could get some help or direction on how to setup a spektrum dx3r radio with a Summit.

    I understand that the dx3r is only 3 channels but hopefully with the 3 position switch, it's possible. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


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    yea it is--if you put both front and rear lockers on the hi and low gear (ch3) so when you put it in low it locks the rears---
    ???Why so serious???

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    The best way to do it is to buy the summit T-lock (diff lock selector) electronic gizmo (found in the rx box of the original non 2.4ghz summits) that will allow you to seperate the diffs from the low gear.

    then you y-harness the two diffs together. and plug them into the "A" slot of that gizmo
    then plug the low gear into the "B" slot of that gizmo
    then plug that gizmo into your 3rd channel and set the 3rd channel to 3 (three) position

    so channel 3 position 1 = full open, high gear
    and channel 3 position 2 = both diffs locked, high gear
    and channel 3 position 3 = both diffs locked, low gear

    you may have to fiddle with the plugs (a vs b) and place the diff lock servo horn on the opposite side of the servo (so it pushes instead of pulls when the servo is engaged), and then fiddle with the radio settings - end points - servo reversal etc until it works right.. but with that gizmo you can seperate the diffs from the low gear.

    one note - the 3rd channel initial position is in the middle (position 2 with both diffs locked). so when you first power up the tx make certain to switch down to position #1 (full open, high gear) before driving - I still have not solved this yet.
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