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    Requested advice from Momba Monster owners

    I just put in a new Momba Monster in my summit, and Maxamps 2S 6500mah 150C race packs. Link if you want to see it:

    The trunk screams with power and after 10 mins I had 1 broken driveshaft, and 2 that were on there way to breaking. I was surprised since the summit has stronger joints. All this with 20% punch dialed in with the castle link. Anyone else have some broken driveshafts with there MMM?

    I changed to 50% punch and added less initial power from start in the throttle curve. My replacement axles are still holding up after a short run.

    Curious what you guys have configured with your trunks in regards to the esc?

    Also have the eos0606i hyperion charger, I've charged my lipos 2 times now. Putting in LIPO 2S 6500mah 6amps and the charger doesn't stop when the cells hit 4.2v or 8.4v together. I had to manually stop. Thought its not good to charge over 4.2 per cell. Anyone have this charger or know why it goes over 4.2 per cell. I don't know if I should let it go further? These are expensive lipos.
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    I would also very much like to see about your programming of the MMM.

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    congratulations on your upgrade. Ideally the summit was not designed as a speed merchant, hence your snapping axles. I feel you may have done better with an e-revo. then you could have placed on a pair of steel cvd axles (nearly indestructible). As far as the MMM I think its best you start by loosening your slipper clutch, for I fear once you begin discussing how fast your summit can go - you will follw it up with "clicking sounds from my diffs"

    check the brushless e-revo forums (they nearly all have the MMM set up) and look for the ultimate speed challenge and mimmick those set ups for better performance. A guy name mistercrash has done more for his e-revo (MMM) than most have dreamed possible.

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    I too broke an axle on my Summit with a MMM. I found I needed to lube the joints with WD-40. If there is any resistance there, the pin won't move fast enough back and forth for the MMM.

    I have heard of many others breaking drive shafts in a Summit as well. I personally think they are not that good and the e-revo design is better. It is just a half inch of plastic holding the pin in there. While the e-revo design has a whole universal to take the punishment.

    Or just get MIP steels shafts and forget about it.

    I just sold my truck to a buddy, and we just put a DeWalt 14.4 motor in it for him with a stock ESC. Not as crazy, but still good fun. Not trying to make a Summit lightning bolt.

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