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    Are the kenblock wheels gonna be for sale soon? Or the tire?

    I want some other drift wheels but i only like the kenblock tires... Will they ever be out for sale?

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    New spare products take a while after the vehicle has come out. Im waiting for all the Spartan upgrades to come out

    I have a brand new set of KB's if your'e interested. Never even touched the pavement. PM me if your'e interested.

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    You can buy the stock rally tires, which I think are a similar compound to the KB tires just with very small treads. I just got 2 sets from tower. Theyre pretty cheap too... which is nice. Hard to glue though.

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    You can look on eBay for the guys who buy KB kits to disect & sell parts individually. There is just one guy doing such on another forum selling KB wheels/tires for $50

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