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    I just GPS and data logged my Summit with the lower gear ratio I liked and here are the results.14.4 Dewalt,15/58 gears,30-40c 2s lipos and 45deg F.Top speed was 24mph and top speed in low gear was 9mph.Top speed WOT amps were 46-52 with the initial full throttle burst cranking out 172amps for 2/10 of a second and quickly dropping to around 50.I wanted to do a High speed test with the 17/56 gear ratio but it started raining.My early runs with this gear set seemed to be about mid 30s but the GPS gets rid of the guessing.The speed stayed the same pass after pass and the motor was warm not hot so I did not bother to take a temp with a gun.

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    Summin up some DeWalt Infos

    To sum up i grabbed a lot of info from here: (nice pictures included but it's E-Revo) (on E-Revo again) (On a Summit, supposedly)

    This is the stock Motor for Summit, Titan 775:

    DeWal has some replacment motors for their drillers and stuff.
    • 14.4 volt drill and motor geared for 1,800 rpm (approx max rpm ): 325 watts
    • 12 volt drill and motor geared for 1,800 rpm : 285 watts
    • 18 volt drill and motor gered for 2,000 rpm : 450 watts

    The motor we want ist 14.4 Volt DeWalt, around $30:

    • Go Lipo. The DeWalt uses a lot of juice, 2x 2S Lipo is save but use a LowVoltageCut or something to protect your lipos from undervoltage
    • To mount the motor, replace the short factory hex screw with a longer one. 4mm X16mm
    • The MMM motor heat sink can be squeezed onto the dewalt motor
    • How to change brushes on brushed motor:
    • It would be a great idea to bag the motor (put it in a bag with only the shaft exposed) before you do any cutting or grinding of steel parts. This way shavings cannot get stuck to the magnets, which they will definitely try and probably succeed in doing otherwise.

    For the gear, there are many opinions which leads me to the conclusion that it's not that extremly important, do what you like, stay close to 14/58 is a good choice:
    • The 18/68 gearing I think is closer to the sweet spot.
    • Tried out my truck with 17/68 gearing. definitely faster. and it still wants to wheelie in 2nd gear, once i tightened the slipper a bit more.
    • I started with 14/58 which is 4.142 if I have your math right and it crawls great and is faster than the 775.No hot motor after about 15 min of varied driving
    • My new favorite gear ratio for the 14.4 Dewalt is 15/58.This seems to be the right combination of crawling / top speed.The motor is low and the CG is balanced right down the center now.The can is about 3mm from the slipper spring.
    • During some test/speed runs I got up to a 22/54 before the heat actually did some damage.

    Install Infos
    (I didn't really find a lot on this so here come my questions):
    1. Do I need another motor mount or dremel/drill/reshape the original Summit mount?
    2. Do I need to replace the capacitators or what capacitators do I need on the DeWalt?
    3. Do I need to run in the motor (let it run in a glass of water) to break it in?
    4. What are the Traxxas Parts for the Gear/Pinions (14/68 is stock)?
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    MJP good consolidation of info there . Much will appreciate.

    1. to me its a good idea to just get another mount , because you can swap the titan and dewalt very quickly.
    2. 503 ceramic caps , i run 3 . anything close to value should work. code works like this , first two digit is what it is, the thrid is the multiplier , so 50 then put 3 zero 50,000 pico farad.

    3. this one varies , but for me just run easy the first couple of packs . its a offroad machine. after awhile your bond to get some fine grit in there to ruin the smooth finish, so just have fun.

    4. ill do one beter for you

    traxxas pinions
    5646 20t ___ limited supplier
    5643 17t ___limited supplier
    5644 18t
    5640 14t ** summit Stock

    traxxas spurs
    3956 54t
    3957 56t
    3958 58t
    3959 62t
    3960 65t
    3961 68t ** Summit stock

    Robinson racing pinions
    11 tooth 8711
    13 tooth 8713
    12 tooth 8712 x 5mm .8mod (same as 32p)
    15 tooth 8715
    16 tooth 8716

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    I will add to that pinion list the Golden horizon 32p steel pinions are the best fit for the Dewalt conversion.They are very short so you can run them either way so you do not have to make an adapter to push the motor further out.Also they are only about $7.I have 14-17 tooth and 56-68 spurs. This is a good size to start out on because you can run most spur gears on 16+ tooth pinions,smaller than that and you will be limited to 58-68 because you will rub the slipper shaft.

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    Thank you all for the info. The numbers and the trial and errors have helped me decide what to put together. Speed is not a concern for me but longevity.

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    +1 on the Golden horizon 32p steel pinions. No spacer needed.

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    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but the topic seemed relevant.

    I did my dewalt install yesterday and ran a set of batteries through it. As a result I came up with a few questions.

    Here is some background info.

    I have a Summit with the FM radio, stock tires and stock gearing of 14 and 68.

    I picked up a used Dewalt motor (No capacitors installed) and a used EVX-2 (already had 4mm Bullet Connectors installed). One issue I saw right from the beginning is that only one red and one black wire had the 4 mm connectors installed so the way its currently rigged means that 2 of the connectors leaving the ESC are not even being used.

    Could that cause an issue?

    Another thing I noticed was that the motor got fairly hot although I didn't have my temp gauge so can give an exact reading. I was able to hold the motor for 5 seconds though but not much more. The ESC was hot as well.

    What I read in the threads above is that if you gear it high (Moving up to a 17-18T pinion) allows it to run cooler. I was confused but that because I was under the impression that when you geared something taller you cause the engine to work harder and in turn the motor would get hotter.

    Most of my driving today was done in low gear too.

    I do believe that I might have experience some interference today as well. I was driving the truck and when it was about 100 feet away it appears to lose control. I hadn't really experienced anything like this so was not sure it that's what happens when the car experiences interference.

    Any comments or advise will b greatly appreciated.


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