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    How to remove drive shaft for mod

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum and rc cars in general. I just got a pede 4x4 (and love it btw!) and wanted to do the electrical tape/heat shrink mod on the drive shaft where it enters the chasis. I hear this mod helps keep out dirt, rocks, etc. The problem is I don't know how to remove the drive shaft, and I didn't want to start tearing the whole truck apart to figure it out. Does anyone know the easiest way to remove the drive shaft so I can do the mod?? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    There is a picture in the manual showing how to remove 4 screws to take off the rear end. When you remove the rear the slipper assembly and drive shaft slide out. Takes only a few minutes.

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    there is two big screws in the rear on the chassis (flat head screws larger size) and two screws on the bottom that are the same size. It takes a little pulling but it will come off if you have the right screws off. Once you remove it the driveshaft will come out along with the slipper clutch assembly. Once its out give the driveshaft approx 3/16'' play on the rear side and heat shrink an inch and a half down the shaft all the way to the bearing on the slipper. This will keep the driveshaft from slopping around and making noise. Then go to the front of the shaft and put 2 layers of heat shrink over the area that sticks out of the chassis, but not too far because the servo arm will rub it off. Its pretty simple and it works really well. I hope im descriptive enough. GOOD LUCK! Oh when you re-assemble the rear make sure the notches line up with the rear diff before you go smacking it into place.

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