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    Summit Acessories?

    What awesome accessories are tere for the summit. I Heard of a plow and winch, are they anygood?

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    Best bet check out, get some ideas
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    I have heard and seen a plow and a winch on the summit. People say they are fun and work good, and I think they are pretty cool, but it all depends on your personal preference and how much you are willing to spend.
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    The winch is easy and cheap to make servo 20 bucks a hour of work including making the spool and mount.30 mins modding the tx to have control of the winch.I just did it to see if it worked okay and yep sure does didn't see anyone else on here that made one so i gave it a shot worked out great my truck is 15lbs it will drag it and then lift it straight up in the air a lot stronger than i expected.Plus when i do rear steer i will already have rear steer control.
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    true store brought accessories for the summit are limited. Accessories for the e-revo/ revo are plentiful. Standard summit acc include the light bar, red push rods, not much else , And custom made things such as a real winch. But approx 80% of acc that fits the e-revo/revo will usually fit on the summit (aluminum body post, rpm arms, aluminum this and that, new bodies etc). So in that regard there are a lot of things but mostly for speed or show.
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    Heres what i did to mine, feel free to use the ideas, most of them aren't my ideas but heres my worknig tow winch and 4 wheel steer and all the aluminum parts are ment for a revo but fit pretty well, some miner changers where needed!165!167

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