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    just got my stampede 4x4 brushless

    i just got my stampede 4x4 brushless and it is a ton of fun. I tried running it in the snow, but the snow here is too deep, it gets stuck.

    so i drove it a while on some area that didnt have snow and it was great. i have a few questions though

    can i get this battery for it

    since it has 2000 more mah, will it last longer or just run faster, or both.

    also, how long between runs should i wait to charge the batteries, i want to wait until the moisture is at least off of the battery, but on normal dry days, how long should i wait.

    also i couldnt see how fast it really goes because its too wet out and the tires slide and its kind of hard to control since i can spin it with just tapping the wheel, but i can tell its all sorts of fast

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    Let the batteries cool down before charging them up again.

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    That battery will fit exactly like the stock battery and I feel the Duratrax batteries are very very good quality.
    You should wait at least a couple hours between running the battery and charging the battery. It needs to cool down completely between runs. You should never charge a hot or warm battery.

    Enjoy the truck,

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