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    Building a Summit

    Well I did own an ERBE and a Summit now I have a Summit and a Summit to be. I bought and E-Revo some time ago it was 2.4 but had the twin 550, very quickly I put on a 775 then about 3 months ago I bought and installed a Mamba Monster and Spectrum DX3S. I really don’t care for speed was just bored. So here are some photos of the build, I put the Mamba and Spectrum on the shelf(where it will prolly remain for forever) and ordered a Summit transmitter and receiver plus much more. Installed a 2 speed conversion kit into the e-revo transmission. Ordered mostly new parts but used what i could from the e-revo.

    The ERBE Striped.

    Got some parts intoday.

    New chassie with all the linkage.

    Transmission installed. A arms servos and got linkage hooked up for two speed.

    Now I await the arrival of the rest of my parts. I am still looking at motors. I have the 12v dewalt on my first summit I love it might do the 14.4v but I also received another mamba fan they fit the dewalt motor pretty good. I do not want to run the Mamba as I want to stay brushed.
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