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    RC Car Magazine no more - final in January 2011

    RC Car Magazine no more - final in Janurary 2011

    from bigsquidrc

    It is with great sadness that we make this announcement. According to the RC Car Magazine Blog, they have closed their doors. Their last issue will be the February 2010 Issue.
    As you know we give the magazines a hard time around here, especially Cubby. But it makes us sad to see the end of RC Car. Besides having some GREAT people writing for them, their magazine was probably one of the best written of the bunch. They didnít pull punches, they said the things they wanted to say, and it wasnít all fluff and ads. Over the last year their magazine had made a huge improvement, and we were pretty sure their magazine wasnít going to be the one pulling the plug this year.
    Goodbye guys! It was fun hanging out with you at iHobby, and Iím sure we will be seeing you all soon! Stay in touch!

    Yeah, it actually happened.
    Letís face it: the economy bites. This past Friday, November 12, was the final day in the office for RC Car Magazine, and while itís always tough to see a project into which you poured your heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears come to an end, itís most upsetting to me that our faithful (and growing) audience of readers, all of them dedicated hobby enthusiasts, will no longer receive the magazine theyíve come to love and trust. The February 2011 issue is our last.
    These last three years (36 issues in magazine time) have been truly amazing; not only did I get to make a living in the hobby industry that I love, but I looked forward to going to work every morning and putting a magazine together with some of my closest friends. Jason, John, and Stephen, it was a dream come true to work with each of you. To Collin Cocores, Tim Tolleson, Brian Skinner, Charles Charron, Bill Hagen, John Howell, Frank Masi, our terrific group of contributors and everyone else who put their time into what blossomed into such a great mag, thank you for your contributions. And to all of my friends at Hi-Torque Publications, thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime.
    To all of our amazing readers, thank you for every word of ours that you read and picture you admired. Thank you for every smiling face we saw at races and trade shows, for every issue and subscription you purchases, for every bit of hate mail, letter of criticism (constructive or otherwise), and love letter filled to the brim with praise. The final item I packed up prior to leaving my old office was to forward to my personal e-mail every single e-mail I received from our wonderful audience. And there were a ton of them.
    Of course, Iíll never forget this wonderful industry of ours and the friends that Iíve made. So while RC Car Magazine is saying good bye, Iíll just say so long.

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    I dont like seeing anything related to the industry go under. No doubt the economy hurt them like it has almost every business out there but I am sure the internet hurt them as well just like it has other magazines and newspapers.
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    That is a shame. I liked their magazine a LOT. It was straight up, minimal advertisements, and lots a good info. My subscription expired and I never bothered to renew. I wish I did now.
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    Oh, that bums.

    RC Driver is quite decent.
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    Very Sad... Fairwell to another company taken out by our's a reminder to be thankful for what we all have now,you NEVER know what's around the corner.Good luck in finding a new venture.

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    I'm pretty disappointed that I only have (and have read) one RC Car Magazine issue. Seemed like a great publication and more full (not of ads) than RCCA.
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    Its not just RC Car magazine... all of the HiTorque publications are cutting back. They have cut their staff quite a bit in the past 2 years (including main stay Dirt Wheels editor Dennis "ketchup" Cox). The parent company (HiTorque) plays in alot of markets that were hurt bad by the economy and since RC Car was their newest and smallest book, I guess it had to go.

    I do find it funny that we comment on how we like that the mag wasnt jammed full of advertisements and in the same breath say were sad to see it go. Magazines, for most part and most commonly, enthusiast publications like those that feature RC vehicles, make NO money from subscriptions. They survive almost entirely on add dollars. When an industry sees a downturn (and the RC industry has for sure) most manufactures cut advertising dollars first... the ripple effect is always felt last by the media who looses ad revenue.

    If you like a magazine, be thankful its full of advertising (if it is) as that is the only indication the magazine is going to be around for you to enjoy in the future. If you ever have an opportunity to communicate with advertisers in your favourite magazine (the manufactures themselves) (be it customer service, seeing a rep at a hobby store or visiting their booth a hobby show) make sure you tell them that you like whatever your favourite magazine is and that you like seeing their adds in that particular magazine. Believe it or not, this goes a LONG way when it comes time for that manufacturer to spend their add dollars the next season.

    I know the guys from HiTorque and they are all good guys. Its sad to see their business hurting.
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    I was just going to post here in this forum and ask what the best RC Car magazines where?

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    WHY?!? Why?!? Nooooooooo! These guys were my most favorite. I've read every single magazine they have ever put out!! Well I guess it's back to RC car Action. I'll miss those guys. Especially Waldo, my idol.
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    I enjoyed RC Car Action up till the last year I suscribed. Yes Adds keep the magizne a float but the take for example the last issue I got January 2011 alone it has 15 pages front to back in a row with Traxxas adds. I enjoy Traxxas as well as the other companys in the magizne but it is obviously a little over the top. anyone else with this issue notice the cheap "pit tip" about tapeing a plastic shopping bag to your pit table for trash. kind of a DUHHH moment i'm sure someone could of made a better choice to put in its place or was the magizne running out of good ideas?

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