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    Thumbs up ferrari body and 4tec for sale

    4tec for sale barely been driven nice body
    4 tec for sale nice body barely been driven

    this is a 4tec only 1 year old. It has only been driven 10 to 15 times and has everything to it.It is a fixed up car. IT has a ferrari modena 360 body painted and ready. The body has never been used and the package it is in i still have. The body is brand new. Also there a a new pipe and the car which is very nice and gives power.I put a new motersaver filter on the car which helps it have less trouble. there are brand new tires and rims the tires have only been drived with 2 times and the rims look verry nice on the car. soo you will get a lot of looks while driving the car.
    comes with a good controller to.

    I will so you how much i spended on each part that i bought

    Ferrari Modena 360 body costs=$50
    It also has a paint job done on the car blue color email me for a picture of the car.

    New pipe costs=$40
    the color on the pipe is blue

    never before used Moter saver filter costs=$10

    New Rims and tires together costs=$45

    also comes with the battery that is pluged to the eazy start.

    Email me for pictures at ""

    It is a great car to buy the engine is still in good shape and i will send article about how to make the traxxas engine very strong.
    So there really isnt a need for a new engine. If you want a new engine this is the car to put it on it has all the parts needed for a new engine to be put on. Like the moter saver and pipe. Email me and offer me a price for the gas car..

    Make me a Offer for the car email me it.

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    would u trade a mini ps1 a mini moniter 1 controller 4 games i memory card and like 25 for the 4 tec rtr
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    ill trade u a stock electric rustler with radio, charger, 2 battereys, and brand new tires
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