I'm seriously considering purchasing a Summit VXL, however I am concerned about how stable it will be due to the higher center of gravity. The local hobby shop doesn't have a demo model yet, though they have driven both Mini-Revo and Slash's for me.

My impression of the 1/16 Slash is that it tends to roll much easier than the Revo version. The hobbyshop employees also told me the Slash's body design tends to cause lift like an airplane at faster speeds, thus reducing control.

I'm really impressed with the 1/16 Revo, but I already have the 1/10 version. My purpose for getting a 1/16 vehicle is portability for travel and camping, plus a backup toy for when the big dog is recharging.

My intended driving surfaces vary greatly and I believe the Summit VXL will offer more adaptability, especially with off road terrain. But I also want to be able to crank up the speeds for impressing watchers, without embarrassing myself by rolling it too easy. I fully understand that the Revo's setup is definately going to be more stable, as well as faster due to the tires and gearing. My fear is the lower clearance may prevent me from driving in rough ground.

What are your experiences (please no theories) for stability with actually driving a Summit VXL? I intend to make a purchase by December 1.