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    Found a OOPS on the 4wd Pede page

    Was just on the Traxxas HP and noticed theres some more tabs to click on for the 4wd Pede...Overview,Details,Gallery,Etc.

    Well if you click on the "details" tab....scroll down through the features of the new Pede....take a look at the power plant...."VXL 3M and 380 motor". Just thought that was kinda odd/funny

    EDIT: Then I thought "Holy cow.....pavmentsurfer is gonna have a fit!!!"

    HaHaHa...Just messin with you pave

    I notified the web team, they'll fix it up. If you guys ever spot a goof like that, hit me up at pvieira(at) so we can make it right! --Pete
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