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Thread: Am I screwed?

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    Am I screwed?

    So my lipo(5000mAh 35c 2s onyx) was swollen and i left it alone and then used it again cause i forgot and now the case is cracked. But back in August when this happened I bought a lipo to replace that one but never got around to it. That was in August, its now January 6, 2017. Will my battery still be ok? I've heard from my friend that a brand, maxamps I believe, sends hobby stores new ones so that they are "fresh" batteries. I dont know if that is true but will my battery be ok to use now that I need it?

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    Do you have a way to test the voltage? If it had a decent storage charge on it in August you might be OK...maybe... i think checking cell voltage would be the first step.

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    if it is puffed, just get a new one and make sure to properly take care of it..
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