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    Summit F. A. Q.

    Summit FAQ

    Personal note: The summit origin starts with the revo/e-revo platform with specific additions to make it much more off road worthy. These additions place it very close into the crawler category. Though there are many details which keep the summit from becoming a "true crawler" it still does very well as its purpose: a hybrid. With this background I would like to encourage summit owners to push the envelope. Look beyond the standard erevo bolt-ons and incorporate into your summit additional and original off roading / crawling ideas. Traxxas gave us a great start - two speed transmissions (high and granny-gear low) and remote lockable diffs (an industry exclusive), lets keep pushing and share the results. There is an e-revo FAQ on the e-revo boards, which I do not plan to duplicate. Since both the e-revo and summit platforms are the same I suggest seeking additional details from there. This FAQ will cover most of the basics but I will make a strong attempt to add to it original idea shared by summit owners, common aftermarket options, and reliable upgrades with links to "how to"s by other summit owners. This FAQ will be link-heavy so if you see a link to your build or a note from your posting, consider that a thank you from me and all the other summit owners.


    1. Introduction to the Summit with notes
    2. EVX2 speed controller
    3. lipo batteries
    4. Low voltage alarms/cutoff
    5. Transmission
    6. Suspension, arms, and axles with upgrades
    7. Locking Differentials
    8. Motors with upgrades and option
    9. Steering system / servos
    10. Rear steering (4WS)
    12. Dig System

    1. Introduction to the Summit with notes

    Realize 85% of the summit is really just an erevo, and since the erevo has been out longer and has a larger following, much info for the summit can be found on the erevo boards. In Fact here is the FAQ for the Erevo which has a lot of great summit related info as well (no use putting up DUPLICATE INFO)-

    But we want our OWN (more Summit Specific).

    the main (basically only) differences between the E-revo and Summit are:

    1) summit comes stock with extended rear arms
    2) summit has the 2 speed tranny with servo (but one can buy/put a second gear into an erevo tranny and have the same)
    3) summit has the locking diffs both front and rear with the dual servos
    4) Front/rear bumpers with LEDs and wiring
    5) single plate motor mount with a titan 775 motor as opposed to dual plate and two titan 550 motors
    6) The erevo has stock 14mm hexes while the brushless erevo (ERBE) and the summit both have the 17mm hexes
    7) summit has the 4 beefed up axles and differentials which (the diff) hangs longer on one side than the other (main reason why Traxxas steel CVDs aren’t recommended for the summit - see MIP)
    8) summit stock gearing 14/68 pinion/spur (E revo 19/68, E Revo brushless 18/68)
    9) summit comes stock with the long travel (LT) rockers and a longer shock barrel (more grooves) which gives the summit its taller stance
    10) older versions (non 2.4ghz) has a t-lock mechanism in the receiver box which controls the locking of the diffs
    11) the chassis are identical with the summit having a small hole/cut-out at each end for the locking diffs to fit properly and of course hardware to secure the additional servos
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