Name : Summit
motor : MMM 2200 or 18v Craftsman depending on season
ESC : MMM or EVX 2
Spur/pinion : varies
Batts : 2S 5000mah lipo in series or Pro Match 4600 7 cell packs depending on running conditions
speeds : too fast with BL/lipo and not fast enough stock
Run time :30ish min
WHEELS/TIRES : RC4WD Rok Lox on Axial Rockster beadlocks or Moab XL
BODY : stock
Suspension : Stock long travel
Radio sys : TQ4 2.4
# of lights : stock + light bar wired to it's own battery mounted under the body to make it easy to put on/off

Bolt ons : Led light bar, RPM bumpers front and rear, RPM Front arms, Hitec 7980th single servo (600oz!!!!), Hanger 9 servo arm, CC BEC, Chargery BM6 LVA when running lipo+EVX-2, Proline aluminum single servo arm, HD servo saver spring,

Custom : aluminum battery mount for the lightbar battery....ahhh the benifits of being a machinist , brass insert hub mod,

Comments : I got mine last winter and drove it almost daily in the snow. Once spring hit the truck got kind of boring due to the slow speed except when playing on the crawling course I've built. Putting the MMM 2200 in it this summer changed that, although it's a bit much for this chassis on 4s IMO......still lots of fun! It's always my first choice when grabbing a truck to take on trips with me due to its versatility. I love the Rok Lox and I also have some Moab XLs to try out one of these days. The 7980TH is awesome for turning the huge Rok Lox and is able to keep them where I want them when crawling....600oz FTW! It is my second favorite RC out of the seven I currently own (next to my 8ight-B) and while others will come and go, this one will always be in my fleet. I'm actually dreading taking the MMM and 7980th servo out to put it back to stock for winter duties, but I'm not gonna risk wrecking $400 worth of electronics playing in the snow

Playing in the snow last winter.