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    New MERV owner has some ???'s.

    I just recently purchased a MERV from a fellow member and I love it. But now I have a few questions. I did a search but didn't find exactly what I was looking for. I run 2 stock batterys in series most of the time because of the power. Will one lipo put out that same amount of power? What lipos should I get? Spc, *****, ******* etc? I'd like two 2s and two 3s to run parallel. I already have a Hyperion charger that's lipo safe. Also with all this power and speed going on I'd like to get some foams as well. Any recomendations? My ultimate goal for this truck is to slowly make it go as fast as possible. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    One 3s LiPo will be about the same power as the 2x NiMh's. Take a look at their prices are pretty much the same after shipping with cheap china made packs. For foams, try using some Jaco's. That is really the only type of foams I remember that are good.
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    I would probably go with the SPC's. I just received my *****'s last week, man, I tell you, 4 weeks is an eternity when you are waiting for something for your MERV! Yes, they are cheap and they are good, but you need to buy a decent amount to make it worth it (not to mention the wait).

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    I use 2 of these and love them..They are the boost packs..
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