Just wanted to share pics, on a strange one... I was able to use the futaba rebuild kit for 3384 servo in the 2075 servo from Traxxas. strange thing happened, one kit went in without an issue, the 2nd servo did not work.(mine... figures mine did not work) It left close to an 1/8 in gap around the cap.

servo one... my friends, was a simple swap out. we are not sure if it will keep waterproof ( in terms of submerging), since he does this (waterproofing) in case of "wet grass/ morning dew. LOL LOL LOL

Anyway, here is a picture of the swap... not high quality cam

My broken gears pulled from servo:


If anyone knows why this happened please share... I think the older servos were a little larger/deeper but looking at them they look and measure about the same. ( hard to tell with ruler but using a digital level the metal gears are a teeny, tiny, bit taller)