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    Hibernating in my basement, trying to see just how many RC projects i can work on at one time!!

    Pic by pic steps: Painting my buddy's Manta body

    I don't often post anything in the 4x4 section, but I thought I'd show off the body I painted up for my friend. It's a JConcepts Manta body, wing, and undertray. It came out pretty good I think.....

    The start; masked off with Parma Faskoat.....

    Got the paint bench all ready.

    Black first, of course...

    Had to stop and put a little liquid mask on the bolts. I tried to trim around them and peel off the rest, but they kept coming off. Instead i peeled them all off and reapplied the mask, hit them with a hair dryer and then proceded with the pink.

    Pink applied...

    I kept messing up the straight line of the window (on an outside corner, the hardest to trim), so I applied a piece of tape to help. The window masks weren't supplied, so that was the best option.

    White applied, dried, and finally coated with FasKoat clear to keep everything from chipping. Stuff works great...

    All done!

    Had to mount it on my 2x4 Slash to see how it looked with some wheels under it. That would be why the body looks a little high. Not bad, eh?

    Slash BL-Pede-E 4Tec-FLM EMAXX-Wraith-AX-10-SCX-10

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    not bad at all!
    My WIFE drives her slash like she stole it...

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    You wouldn't be able to miss that coming at you on the darkest of nights!
    ****** out Rustler
    Slash 4x4 gettin' close

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    Just wanted to add a quick tip... the monster in step 2 is NOT optional...
    PLEASE do not PM me and immediately go offline :p

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