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    How does the car hold up with Tekin RX8/MMM?


    I must ask, is the Tekin RX8 or an equal oppnonent MMM good for the car?
    I have myself a Tekin RX8 2250kv in my Summit but I'm getting sick of the summit, I want speed.
    How does the car hold up? How many cells are you guys using?

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    That should run awesome but it would be overkill with the 2250kv motor, I installed a MMM w/.2650kv motor and it is awesome. The 2200kv motors are more for the heavier Monster Trucks like the E-Revo or Truggies and the 2650kv motor works great for the Slash 4x4 or 1/8 buggies because their weights are really close. But, yes you could run the Tekin RX8 w/2250kv motor and that esc will handle up to 25.2 volts (6S set-up) would be max, the same with the MMM, it will handle 25.2 volts (6S set-up).

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