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    Traxxas Wildcat Score!!!

    My neighbor gave me a huge box of old R/C stuff the other day- it took a while to sort it, but I ended up with a very clean Bullet, two nasty Cats, and a partially built, never completed, almost all there, WILDCAT!
    Two instruction manuals, original sticker sheet, parts list, orange endbell motor, the works. No body, though. It's an interesting piece of history, but, honestly, a bit of a turd when compared to other cars of it's era. Think Royal Ripper, not Tamiya/AYK/Hirobo.

    Still, a sweet score, and the AJ's tires that I've been wanting for a build were in the box, NIP, along with tons of other vintage tires and a stack of 3-piece Bullet wheels, including some gold ones I hadn't seen before.

    Not sure what I'm going to do with the Wildcat. There's no way it'll make a good runner, and I'm not sure that I want to make it a shelfer, although I have plenty of vintage electronics around here. In the '80s Traxxas wasn't on my radar- I liked Kyosho and Tamiya, raced Associated. The rarity of this thing is interesting, though....

    Meh, we'll see. If I decide to build it, I'll post pics and stuff on this thread.

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    Very cool indeed, Always nice to see a wildcat or two popping up from time to time......which is mostly once in a blue moon.
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    What a nice neighbor you have!
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