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Thread: esc meltdown!!!

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    esc meltdown!!!

    So I went to run my truck today, pulled it out, put a battery in (nimh 7 cell) ran it til dead, all was fine. After about 10 minutes, I put a fresh 7-cell in, and set esc to training mode so the kids could run it. It wouldn't move....made a weird whining noise when you hit the throttle, so I turned it off at the esc, and turned it back on. .....still nothing.....weird I thought.....went to check on another battery I had charging, came back about 2 minutes later to find wires from esc smoking, charring on chassis, and esc extremely hot! Glad I wasn't gone any longer! Anybody else had this happen? Gonna call Traxxas tomorrow and see if they are gonna take care of it for me. I sure hope so!
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    Traxxas is very good about customer service... they will fix you up.
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    Mine fried, not same scenario, but traxxas replaces them free. IF* you have a LHS they MIGHT be able to help you out without dealing with traxxas as mine did.


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