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    My #2075 servo just quits for no reason...weird!

    Ok so today is a match comparable to Mohammad Ali vs George Foreman...the one I'd been waiting for a while. My Slash is finally pitted against a Blitz This is the first time my local track has seen a Blitz.

    The Slash did throw some good punches,..during the first few rounds all went well, until after a hard landing the Slash was forced to retire. The match went to the Blitz. Darn it!! The servo had somehow failed. It reacts to steering input for a while and..totally died. I had disassembled the steering links, check the movement of the bellcranks,draglink..all smooth as silk, no binding. The servo saver was ok. I also disassembled the servo case to see if a gear had gone busted. The gears were all fine. But the servo motor had somehow jammed, pretty hard to turn, and the PCB board turned hot. The servo wires were also in good conditions, no splitting or shorting out.

    Any idea why this happened?? The Slash demands a rematch, and a new servo
    Myth busted: Blitz is not faster on the track.

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    the same thing happened to me while i was at the track, due to my limited amount of time to get back on the track i bought one of these
    BEST servo ive EVER had.
    although it was 90 bucks should last a lifetime
    it has dual ball bearing, all metal gear, high torque and high speed
    HCM racing class 5 class 10

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