Hi guys,I'm impressed with the way traxxas operate,they do what they say they're gonna do.Not known that with any other RC co,.For instance,the original summit driveshafts were trash,traxxas improved them! and gave them away! ,The ml$t has been around for 5/6 years,losi hasn't done anything about its durability! I've emailed them ,got as many people to email them as I can,and they don't reply .We don't need people who expect loyalty ,money ,effort,for nothing in return.(I don't know if I'm allowed to put politics on here) But here in the UK,we've got politicians (my local 1)+ many more,who've been caught stealing from us,they're getting a million payoff(each) and not having to pay the stolen cash back!!!! They WON'T answer emails either,I wish I could find the local 1's address.