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    Post 4 wheel drive rustler?

    i think traxxas should make a shaft driven four wheel drive nitro rustler. like the hpi rs4 mt.

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    actually, i was thinking about this. i was thinking i could buy a 4wd kit from traxxas for the 4-Tech, do some modifications to where all the things go on the chassi or just mount an extra platform for the belt mounts (just a newbie at rc so dont know all the terms). then just add crop some arms to fit the thing that makes the wheel spin (what's that called?), mount some stubbies or gripping wheels and call it a day.
    i'm sure there's some gear changing and what not but i'm sure i or someone at my local hobby store could figure it out. just throwin in my newbie ideas. feel free to correct me on my terms or anything else you would find doubtfully possible. and yes, i know the body probably wont fit after adding the extra platforms.

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    The Nitro Rustler is a stadium truck. All stadium trucks are two-wheel drive. The loss of power to turn four wheels instead of two wheels isn't necassary because they are intended mostly for racing SEMI-flat tracks with jumps and stuff like bumps and sharp turns. That's why they are 2wd. Even the real stadium trucks are 2wd. Unless you intend to do more offroading, and hill climbing, investing in 4wd will only slow your rustler down. but 4wd would be cool on a rustler. lol

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    Buy a nitro 4-tech and bolt on a front and rear of a nitro rustler add longer shafts and you're done

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