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    Stock battery VS. 2S *********x Lipo

    My Slash seems a bit "average" speed wise on the stock battery. If I go 2S Lipo will there be a major speed increase? I know it will accelerate harder, but what about at the top. Still confused how 7.4V can be quicker than 8.4V. Thanks, hope the Lipo picks her up a bit.

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    You are right, the 2s Lipo will make the truck accelerate quicker than the stock battery. Top speed wise, the Lipo will be a little quicker also than the stock battery. Even though it is a lower voltage, it is just because Lithium Polymer is a much better technology than a Nickel Metal battery. You will see better acceleration and a little better top speed, but you will also see much longer run-times, especially if you get a 5000mah or above Lipo. However, if you want a huge speed and power increase, get a 3s! I love it! My 2s does just fine but I really only use it for racing, great power around corners but for for speed runs and bashing, 3s rules!

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    A 7.4v lipo charges to 8.4 (4.2v/cell). A 8.4 nimh charges around 10v. After you start to use the nimh the volts will be lower then the lipo in a heartbeat.

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