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    I rate my PE at 9.9

    there are only a few parts which they could make better like the protection for the driveshaft and the motor mount( but there is a update part from traxxas 6860X). All other parts are better than standard at other trucks. Maintenance is easy, handling and power is great.

    Buy hey, who want´s a 10 out of the box? That would be no fun without replacing a few srews
    E-Maxx, MMM, 4S - 6S, Akula :-)

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    out of the box its about a 9 for maintenance,7 for racing and 7.5 for bashing. i've only done oil,springs,and tire upgrades and i say its in the 8's for racing. i think with a few more upgrades it could be 9 or so. make a real body though traxxas!

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    Like a body that doesn't act like a kite over the big triples :-) I have coragated pipe all away around my track, and I broke my second rear hub carrier last night after about 2 minutes of running. Gotta look into RPM or another upgraded part.

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