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    Traxxas at 2010 King of the Hammers

    King of the Hammers is "the toughest one day off-road race on the planet," a trek through the Johnson Valley, CA desert where racers have to not only blast wide-open across unknown terrain, but also rock-crawl their way over seemingly impossible obstacles on the way to the finish line. The event draws desert racers and rock crawlers, resulting in a diversity of machines and drving styles--and an intense rivalry between the groups.

    Traxxas is at the event with our Mobile Support Center, showing off our vehicles, giving racers a turn at the wheel with our Try-Me Track, and putting on a Slash R/C race with the full-size competitors (turns out a lot of these guys can wheel!)

    Traxxas is also giving away a bunch of Summits as part of a contingency program; in exchange for running Traxxas decals on their rig, the winning driver will score four Summits for himself and his crew! Summits were a natural for KOH--what other R/C vehicle can rock-crawl and run wide-open like a desert racer?

    It's been rainy and cold so far, so no killer shots from this year's race yet--the sunny pics above are from the 2009 event, 2010 shots below.

    Jason is a king of the hammer in his own right. Actually, hitting a Slash with a sledgehammer would probably be gentler than what a lot of us do with our trucks!

    The Slash race is about to begin. TQ 2.4GHz radios make it easy to set up races. What channel are you on--who cares!


    Slash track under construction. PVC pipes and wooden boards are for wimps; at KOH, you build tracks out of rocks.

    Spectators gather for the Slash race.

    Gotta love an over-under jump. Good thing Slashes are durable!
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