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    weight of batteries and racing.....

    I know everyone always says lighter is better for racing but I want to discuss something here.

    I have always wanted or have this thought in my mind "The more there is the better it is". This applies to my thoughts about MAH ratings on batteries..

    I want to buy a few more batteries for the track. I have 2 8000 SMC batteries 2S and 2 5000Mah Hard case Tenergies in 2S. I just like the idea of being out there, playing on the track and not having to switch batteries all that often. The 5's def do not last as long as the 8's. That can go without being said I guess.

    I do notice the 8's are much heavier than the 5's. How much is this really hurting me. I am not worried about heat since my set up doesnt generate much. I just want some general experiences with guys who race.

    On another note I think the Slash benefits from some extra weight for stability. I noticed it being more sure footed with the addition of the 2650 system.

    I am not saying HEAVIER is better by any means. I am just asking am I really hurting my self that bad if I get the bigger batteries for racing?? I guess this is really a loaded question but I just want some decent discussion, thats all!

    Oh and by the way, my track I go to just has a 2S requirement on the class I will be joining soon. Nothing about hard case/soft case...

    Flame me if you like, but that 13500 MA Lipo is sexy.
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