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    Ok, I need a tutorial on shocks, discussion

    I have a PE that I in the midst of setting up for the track.

    I am getting it dialed for the track, changing diff fluids, etc...The Bow ties helped a bunch

    What I am running into now is the jumps....

    It seems to bottom out very easily on the jumps... I dont want a drastic change cause I don't want to undo what i just did as far as handling...!

    Do I need stiffer springs with less dampening?

    Do I need just stiffer dampening? Do I need just stiffer springs?

    I have 40Wt all the way around. The thinner oil seemed to help the handling in front..I think it had 60 in the front..

    I have the factory proload spacers still installed..

    What shock positions are suggested?

    I just want to open some good discussion to help me out. I never until recently have dialed a truck in for the track.

    Lets have some good discussion.......
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    as far as it dampening there is several ways to "stiffen" that up, 1 stiffer springs and 2, thicker oil or 3, change the little dic looking piece inside the shock body. as far as shock position i think that is one of them things that you need to practice on the track and adjust the shock locations as needed.
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