I am starting to REALLY not like this truck. To the point of thinking about selling it. I cannot get it to steer for anything. How can the 2wd have oversteer and the 3 diff 4wd have NO STEER!?! I know they are 2 different platforms, but am completely amazed on how different they are. The only thing the same is they share the Slash name.

What I have tried:
Slipper in/out
Center diff still at 100k
swapped the front and rear diffs ("30k" in the rear and grease in the front) That worked A LITTLE
Losi 10k in front 3/4 full and "30k" in rear

70wt all the way around with stock oil and springs
50wt Losi in front with green Losi Springs
35wt in rear with green Losi springs
35wt in rear with blue Losi springs
(all 2 hole pistons)
Layed them down, stood them up etc.
Sees no matter what I do, the truck bottoms on every jump

Sways Bars:
Stock setup
front thin only
front thick only
front and rear thick

Disabled saver and added my own on the servo (stock seems REALLY weak)
Changed servo to HiTec HS 645MG

Changed to Mamba Max ESC and dialed in some drag brake to get me into the corners. Still have no on power steering

Im at a loss here guys, Im not racing on dirt, and I think thats the root of my problems. Im running indoor offroad carpet with LOTS of traction, and several jumps I am able to float over easily. Even though the truck slaps chassis like a 2wd buggy, it does jump decent. With the center diff installed, the front EASILY unloads as weight transfers to the rear tires ALL THE TIME while on power. Down the straight, I get ballooning of the fronts.

On a good note: I have broken or bent nothing despite fighting the truck around the track for 2 days now. Ill admit, Im not the best chassis setup guy, but I AM a good driver, and can generally adapt my driving style to make a truck fast, but I just cannot turn a fast lap with this thing to save my life!!