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    Wait a minute

    Why are we talking so much about the springs on these shocks? I thought it was the silicon oil inside that determined how hard it was to push down.
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    oil is for dampening the spring. so you don't get the boing boing affect. spring rate is the strength the spring has. this determines how hard it is to compress the spring and how much force the spring pushes back at. the fluid in the shock and the piston used just helps slow down the spring. hope i explained things correct... if i'm wrong please forgive and forget me...

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    ricky bobby, you are correct, but i'll restate it in other words

    the springs carry the weight of the model, and determine the amount of force it takes to compress the shock

    springs un-dampened will just bounce until friction stops them, so we use oil dampening to slow them down. ideally, there would be no bounce, just a compression, and a rapid return to neutral. (a low Q, if there are any physics majors or engineers hanging out... its been a long while...)

    so with too heavy of damping, the shock wouldn't be able to return to neutral before the next bump, and would end up over-compressing. with too little damping, the spring forcing back to neutral will actually lift the model a bit beyond neutral and oscilate...

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