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Thread: motor questions

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    motor questions

    so today I tested out my slash vxl with two batteries that thing was so fast and it was so durable I was jumping it up the curb and it was fine. but when I was driving it for about ten minutes on high speed back and forth on the road and I felt the motor and it was really hot is that bad I wont heat it up any more but is it bad for it? and also when I was doing high speeds I heard a little noise that sounded like the motor shifting except the motor kept doing it over and over.

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    yeah, if the heat is over 200 degrees ferinhieght, thats bad for it. if your under that temp, your good. but as for the motor, the spur gear,(the black plastic gear) and look for any chips of a lose part in there. hope it helps.
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    I would be more worried about the stock ESC if I where you,I burned mine up once already but Traxxas replaced it for free,but I had already done a ESC and motor upgrade to prevent this again.So now i have a new motor and ESC up for sale.

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