Just got word that my brand new Slash 4X4 is shipped yesterday from Tower! I ahve been reading a lot of the posts here and I am looking forward to getting this puppy out in the dirt. So far the only spare parts I have been able to find is on fleabay, has anyone had any luck getting spares? What about parts for the 4X from RPM? I have also noticed that the PE comes with several spur gears and they look like they mount to a hub instead of being a one piece unit, has anyone had any isues with this yet? I do some track running and a lot of bashing, so my major concern is reliability not high performance so if anyone has tips for setup, I would like to hear them. Also has anyone found a way to cut down on the amount of dirt that is thrown into the tub? We run in moondust over here and I would like to cut down on the amount of dust that gets into it. Also how are the stock tires as far as dirt and fine dust? I realize that it is a lot of questions but you guys are the only subject matter experts that I know of for the Slash 4X4.