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    I have an E-Revo. I purchased a used brushless mamba (he showed me it worked before i purchased). I just bought the Futaba 3PL radio, which came with came with the R2004GF receiver. I have steering controll, but no throttle...... Can someone please help me?


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    normally, when you change the remote control you must set up again the esc if you use a different brandAnytime the ESC is powered up with a new transmitter, or with different throttle channel settings, it will need to be calibrated to “know” what the transmitter’s settings are. It will also need to be calibrated after updating to new software via Castle LinkTM.
    We’ll calibrate the ESC now.
    We recommend removing your pinion gear before calibration as a safety precaution!
    STEP 1: We’re starting with the transmitter ON and the ESC switched OFF and not connected to the battery.
    STEP 2: Plug a battery into your Mamba Max ESC.
    STEP 3: Hold full throttle on the transmitter and switch the ESC’s switch ON. Keep holding full throttle on the transmitter. If all your connections are correct, you will hear one multi-toned initialization “ring” from the motor (all tones are played by the ESC vibrating the motor). This tone should always play when the ESC is first powered up.
    STEP 4: After a second or two, the green LED on the ESC will blink rapidly and the motor will “ring” 4 times rapidly in a row (accepting the full throttle endpoint).
    STEP 5: After the green LED flashing and ringing tones, the ESC will blink the red LED. At this point the full throttle endpoint has been set within the ESC and now it’s looking for the full brake endpoint (red LED blinking). Move the throttle trigger to the full brake position and hold full brake.
    STEP 6: After a few seconds, the ESC will flash the red LED and ring 4 times
    rapidly (accepting full brake endpoint).
    STEP 7: After accepting the full brake endpoint the ESC will then blink the yellow LED. Now relax the trigger to the neutral position.
    STEP 8: The ESC will now ring 4 times and flash the yellow LED rapidly to accept the neutral position.
    STEP 9: After accepting the neutral position the ESC will ring twice and flash ALL the LEDs. This is the arming tone/LED reaction. The ESC IS NOW ARMED and the car will respond to throttle inputs from your transmitter.
    Once calibrated, the ESC will give the initialization tone and flash after a battery is plugged in and the switch is turned on, and the arming tone will ring a second or two later. If the ESC is programmed for the Auto-Lipo setting, it will beep the
    number of cells in your Lipo pack between the initialization tones and the arming tones. After the arming tone plays, the ESC is ACTIVE and will respond to throttle application.
    If you have problems calibrating your transmitter with the Mamba Max ESC, please see the troubleshooting guide on page 33 for more tips.
    Once you are calibrated and armed, do one last check before going out and experiencing the Mamba Max difference. Slowly advance the throttle and check the rotation direction of the motor and the color of the LEDs on the ESC. If the motor is spinning in the right direction and the GREEN LED is blinking green, then you are ready for a test run before going into the settings of the ESC. If the ESC shows the green LED with throttle, but the wheels spin in the wrong direction, you’ll need to switch any two of the motor wires (from red to red and black to black, to red to black and black to red).
    Hope this helps you.

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