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    Front end rebuild

    I have purchased a used (abused) 4x4 Ultimate. I need to rebuild the front end (not steering well and
    loose) and wondering if there is a kit vice ordering all the parts separately? Eventually want to do the rear
    and the drive train as well. I think all the aluminum is ok, just looking for the plastic and other parts like
    nuts, bolts screws, etc.

    Is there a how to, or should the exploded drawings be all I need? (I don't think so)!

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    depends how much money you want to spend, you could buy a new roller and make it how you want it with the electronics you have and have a almost new slash, or you can buy each and every piece. i dont know what all parts you mean buy front end, what i consider the front end is undoing the big screws and the servo screw, and you have the front end. but until you are more specific i wont know what to tell you to do. and exploided views are all you will need if you know how to read them. once you get to know the slash well you can do all of it by memory like me
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    Exploded drawings will work with some patience but you'll learn tons tearing it down and building from nothing... I hear good and bad on the rcscrews set that you can purchase but I'm sure others will chime in on different brands of screw kits etc.. U might also be able to find a stock front end and rear on eBay!

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