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    Do I have a steering issue?

    I'm thinking I might have a steering servo issue but I'm not sure. I'd like a little input from you guys. (havent' seen any gals here yet!)

    When I'm crawling and the front end is locked, if I get the truck weight biased towards the front, or get the front wheels up against an obstacle (and I don't mean totally bound up, I mean just normal obstacles), my wheels won't turn.

    Another description... going down a rocky incline, weight of the truck is biased towards the front, truck is stopped needing to turn. Front wheels completely unhindered, only in contact on the tread sides. Wheels WILL NOT turn. They don't even twitch. AS SOON as I start moving the truck forward, the wheels will turn.

    A first I wasn't worried because this is EXACTLY how my 1:1 rig behaves. I have big honkin' tires that I run at about 6-8 psi, a locked front end and stock steering, no hydro. Incredible traction but the stock steering just isn't up to turning sometimes and it's just like the summit, as I described.

    I've checked both servos and they do turn, I've adjusted the linkage, no funny noises. Ran it for about 30 mins yesterday and they both measured at about 70 (tho it was cold and windy yesterday).

    I tend to be wordy, but my question is, is your steering "strong" or do you also have trouble turning in certain situations?

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    Your probably over riding the servo saver, I think someone makes a stronger spring. Kershaw or RCM, I can't recall who.....

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    Yep, sounds like your servo saver is doing it's job. As you've noticed, it's best to be moving (forward or backwards, depending on your situation) just a little bit in order to get the tires to turn.
    The alternative is to get beefier servos and not use servo savers.
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    on rock these tires are quite sticky so they dont want to turn

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    mine duz this to

    but when i had the stock tires on and on my bedroom floor they will turn but if i put my wider but smaller taller tire they will not turn and when i put my jumboking tires on they will turn them lol so i dont know
    rampage mt

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