Just wanted to put my 2 cents in regarding a battery experience over the weekend....I got a handful of Rhino 2S lipo's (very well made, nicely packaged) and 2 of them in parallel makes the little guy SCREAM!! I don't have a GPS small enough to fit to get a MPH reading, but it has to be approaching the advertised 50MPH, or maybe it is closer to 45MPH and just seems faster becauser it is so small. The 2S 1750 packs fit snuggly in the battery compartments with no Dremel'ing necessary.
I ran for about 10 minutes on pavement, turning hard, fast take-offs (no wheelies ), semi-hard stops...after 10 mins I could still hold my fingers on the motor (didn't have my temp gun but was prob around 100F) and the ESC and batteries were ambient temperature. I had to quit after 10 mins (Mother Nature).
I also got 4 Rhino 3S 1500's...they are very snug!...I will give an update when I try them asap (weather permitting)