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    Just got the E-Revo....very impressed!

    All I can say is wow! I first got into rc cars about 5 years ago with a traxxas electric rustler. Over the years I bought a sportmaxx, jato 2.5, t-maxx, revo 2.5, then another tmaxx with the 3.3. After playing with all of them for a while I eventually got bored and sold them. I got the RC18T when it first came out and did all the CC upgrades with lipos so I've had experience with that and even most recently a VXL stampede that I sold only after a month.

    I can honestly say this has not only been the best bang for the buck but I am very pleased with this purchase. I am really big into helis (electric and nitro) so I am very familiar with brushless systems and power to weight ratio but I couldn't believe it when I charge the included battery and experience the performance of this truck.

    Anyone looking at these messages and trying to determine whether to get one or not....... very much worth it!!!!!

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    Wait till you try it on 3s Lipo. . .

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