3rd revision and this time I believe Ive got it. The wheel slop seems about equal to the front, bump steer has disappeared, the wheels seem to be turning about the same. I got one run on it so far and at full speed, rear steer centered, i can full turn on top ride hight and big Joe tires without it flipping, but it turns tighter due to a bit more wheel slop in the rear. I got my dx6i set up as rear steer rudder, which turns on/off by rudder switch. Throttle as throttle but took elevator return spring and put it on throttle side. front steer as aileron, with a switch to turn on 4ws mix and a switch for crabwalk mix. gearbox high low on gear switch. for now i y harnessed my diff locking servos, but will be modding TX for 3postion switch in place of elevator for use of tlock controller. and for my lights i just ordered a PicoSwitch so i can turn them on/off from my TX. in my previous try's i had terrible bump steer, massive wheel slop(very unstable truck that couldn't go straight or stay on its wheels), and wheels turning at different rates, excited that i have fixed the problems and can test it out in all applications. ill try and do pic's vids, parts list, setup/build guide. I'm thinking about putting a pistol TX wheel in place of the aileron stick to steer with if steering proves to be to hard, but it seemed 10fold easier, since i moved my throttle from the elevator stick to the throttle stick, so will see. Keep an eye for more stuff on this mod.