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    Which will maintain longer and higher current?

    Assuming equal quality/brand batteries...

    2 6 cell NiMH 1600mAH 2/3A packs in parallel


    1 6 cell NiMH 3200mAH subC pack?
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    well, assuming the same C rating, I would guess they are the same. interesting question.

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    What is the weight of the packs?

    The lighter setup, if both packs had identical outputs, would have the linger run time.

    However from what I've seen, normally the larger the cell with the NiMH, the better they can handle a lot of amps. if they are a good pack.

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    The problem with two packs in parallel is if one pack has more resistance than the other. That can come from one pack being older, not being soldered as well, or just having cells that are not as good. When that happens the ESC will draw more from the pack with least resistance, and drain that one quicker.

    You could lose overall voltage quicker if that happens. Of course the same thing can happen with a single pack if the cells are not matched well, but usually a good brand will match the cells within a pack better than they might cells from two separate packs.
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